It's time for a massage!

Remedial massage therapy is now available at our Cheltenham and Malvern East clinics. Book your 30 or 60 minute massage to get on top of those tight muscles!

What Is Remedial Massage therapy?

Remedial Massage is a form of manual therapy that uses various soft tissue techniques to alleviate the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of your body. It is a common and widely used form of therapy especially within sporting organisations. It is also a fantastic option for people suffering chronic muscular stiffness and tightness. Remedial massage is also a brilliant complementary therapy to be used alongside our osteopathic and exercise physiology treatments. 

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Can i claim on my private health insurance?

Yes you can!
Our remedial massage therapist is registered and you can claim your private health insurance massage extra. Better yet, we can claim on the spot using our HICAPS terminal.

So don't forget to bring your insurance card along with you!

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How Long do the treatments last?

We have several great options for you to choose from. You can choose from a 30 minute or an amazing 1 hour long massage.
Not sure how long you may need...?
Why not give us a call and we can suggest the best option for your needs.

Our Massage Therapists

 Elissa Semmens

Elissa has been working as a Remedial Therapist for over 5 years now. She has worked along side Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists. She loves complimenting her work with other therapists in order to gain the best outcome for her clients.

Elissa is also qualified to use Cupping and Dry Needling in her treatments. Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue and Fascial Cupping are some of her favorite techniques. She has quite a firm hand with her treatments but will check with her clients to make sure she is working within their comfort zone. You will definitely know she has been there after your treatments!!

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What do i bring/wear?

Loose fitting clothing is the ideal attire to wear during your treatment to ensure we are not restricted with any techniques we may wish to use. However, adjustments can always be made! Be sure to bring your private health insurance card. We can process on the spot with our hicaps terminal.

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Does a remedial massage hurt?

No treatment should ever be too painful for you. While their may be some discomfort at times we are guided by you. If you would prefer a more gentle approach then please just let us know!
But I like a really firm massage... No problems! We've got you covered too.

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How many sessions will I need?

If you are suffering from an injury our therapist will assess and give you a prognosis based on your individual problem. Working closely with our osteopaths, a referral will be recommended if necessary.
However if you would like to simply have a regular massage to keep feeling good and moving, we are happy to help!

Choose Your massage

We have multiple options for you to choose to best fit your rehabilitation plan or to meet your goals.

30 minutes


Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

Claimable with your private health insurance

60 minutes


Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

Claimable with your private health insurance

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