Paediatric Osteopathy at The Osteo Collective

Osteo for babies and children.

Just like all of us, our youngest humans can have pain, dysfunction or injuries. Luckily Grace is here to help the little one you know be their bubbly self again.  

Paediatric Osteopathy at The Osteo Collective

Paediatric Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that takes a whole body approach to healthcare.

Every patient is unique with different jobs, activity levels, hobbies and body composition, which all need to be considered when treating your individual injury.

Your osteopath will assess your whole body and not just the injured area to determine how your body works as a unit and the impact it has on your overall function.

Treatment will be unique to your child, as we aim for the best results possible in their recovery.

Our osteopaths

Our paediatric osteopath Grace is available in our Cheltenham clinic on a Tuesday and Wednesday. 

What does Osteopathy Treat in babies?

The birthing journey, while miraculous, can impose significant stress on newborns as they navigate through the narrow passage of the mother’s pelvis. This intense physical experience can lead to potential dysfunctions and discomfort in babies. Their method of communication, however, is more subtle. 

Babies may express distress by being consistently fussy, irritable, or having trouble settling down. For parents, it’s crucial to be aware of specific signs in newborns indicating potential issues, such as stiffness in neck muscles, a preference for turning their head to one side, or restrictions in jaw movement. Additionally, breastfeeding challenges like difficulties with latching could also hint at underlying discomfort or strain. These cues serve as vital indicators prompting parents to consider seeking pediatric osteopathic care to address any possible strains or imbalances acquired during birth, allowing for a more comfortable and healthier start for their little ones.

Meet our Osteo treating babies & children

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What to expect

Parents and carers can expect a caring and gentle approach focused on their child’s well-being. The initial session typically involves a detailed discussion about the child’s medical history, any specific concerns, and observations of the child’s behavior and movements. The osteopath will perform a thorough assessment, often involving gentle palpation and observation to identify any areas of tension or imbalance in the child’s body. Treatment techniques used by pediatric osteopaths are incredibly gentle and non-invasive, tailored specifically for your child.

Throughout the session, parents are encouraged to ask questions and be involved in understanding the process. Overall, the experience aims to be comforting and supportive for both the child and the parent, fostering a sense of trust and promoting the child’s natural ability to heal and thrive.


Paediatric Osteopathy in Cheltenham


First Appointment: $120 
Standard Appointment: $100

Some of our practitioners bulk bill Chronic Disease Management plans (CDM/EPC), DVA, Workcover & TAC claims for osteopathy in Malvern East and Cheltenham. Visit our FAQ page for more info.

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