Pilates / Group Clinical Exercise at The Osteo Collective

Get Strong.

Improve your strength. Reduce your pain. Fix your posture. Get back to a better level of health and wellbeing.

Group Clinical Exercise / Pilates at The Osteo Collective

Our Exercise Physiologists plan, evaluate, monitor and progress your exercises to ensure they are suitable and bringing you towards your goal.

These groups are suitable for a range of patients, including those looking for core strength and stability improvement, post natal patients, injury rehab, postural concerns, chronic conditions and mental health (+many more!)

Your goal is our goal. Whatever you’re striving to achieve, we want to help you get there.

Our Exercise Physiologists

Our Exercise Physiologists are accredited with Exercise and Sports Science Australia. As well as group sessions, they also conduct 1 on 1 appointments as well.

If you can’t find a suitable group time, let us know, as we are always adding more!



What does Exercise Physiology Treat?

Great strong, supported and feeling great.

Post Natal

Get back to feeling strong like you used to (or even stronger) with a guided, controlled exercise program from our Exercise Physiologists.

Back pain

Back pain affects roughly 1 in 6 Australians. That’s roughly 3.7 million people! Back pain can occur anywhere on the spine, but lower back pain is the most common.

Sports Injuries

AC joint sprains, ACL sprains, rolled ankles, muscle strains, ligament sprains. Exercise Physiologists can assist in the rehabilitation and return to sport from a range of musculoskeletal injuries

Postural Pain

Neck and back pain, wrist and hip pain. All caused by long hours at the desk. We can strengthen, and also give ergonomic advice to assist in resolving, and preventing further pain. 

Repetitive Muscle Strains

Doing repetitive activities is something we all do. The work we do, sports we play, crafts we make, even the way we care for our children. These can all contribute to and cause repetitive strain injuries.

Metabolic Conditions

Conditions like diabetes can be greatly impacted by a properly designed and executed exercise program developed specifically for you by and exercise physiologist.

Falls prevention

Getting strong and improving proprioception to help reduce the likelihood of falls is possible with a plan from an Exercise Physiologist.

Mental Health

Improve your overall wellbeing and mental health with exercise prescription and intervention.

Everything else

There is so much more that an Exercise Physiologist can help with than we can write here! Contact us if you have any questions!

Meet The Exercise Physiologists

Hover over our pictures to learn more about each team member.

What to expect

Your first session will be a 1 on 1 assessment with our Exercise Physiologists. During this appointment, you will undertake a full history, examination, assessment and discussion, to fully understand your goals and aims, and where you can improve. 

You may be sent an online form in advance of your initial assessment to help our Exercise Physiologists put together your plan.

If you’ve already had a 1 on1 session, you can book straight into a group.

Want to start a group with some family or friends? Let us know and we can add more groups times!

Private health insurance

If your private health insurance includes cover for Exercise Physiology, you will be able to claim your group sessions.

Malvern East Rehab room

Pilates in Malvern East and Cheltenham


Initial Assessment (if you haven’t seen our EPs before): $115
Intro Pack (Initial Assessment + 3 group sessions): $195
10 pack: $360
5 pack: $185
Pay as you go: $40

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