Small group clinical pilates sessions are now up and running at our Cheltenham clinic! Classes are capped at a maximum of 6 people, so get in quick to book your spot!

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a system of exercises, developed by Joseph Pilates designed to improve a persons flexibility, strength, endurance and posture. At The Osteo Collective we use this style of exercise to help rehabilitate, activate and strengthen our patients to help you recover from and prevent injuries. Our ultimate goal is to get you back to doing what means the most to you. Anything from helping you run a marathon for the first time, starting a new gym program, making sure that annoying injury stops coming back or just being able to play with the kids more comfortably. 


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i've never done pilates before, are the classes appropriate for beginners?

Yes, our classes are perfect for anyone who has little or no experience with pilates. We place an emphasis on teaching people how to correctly activate and perform our exercises. Therefore people with no experience are at no disadvantage when starting a class.

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How are the classes run?

We offer group classes with a maximum group size of 6 people. Our classes are all mat based and performed in our gym facility. We emphasize correct form and posture to ensure you perform the exercises correctly and get the maximum benefit out of your session.

Benefits from pilates

Muscular activation, Strength and Endurance

One of our key goals with our group pilates is to teach people how to activate key muscles that many people struggle to use. Some of these key muscles being your gluteal, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. Through specific exercises and specific cues you can re-learn how to use these key muscles. From here with improved muscle activation (Herrington, 2005) we can build on better muscular strength and endurance (Sekendiz, 2007)

Flexibility & Balance

Another of the amazing benefits of our pilates classes is improvement of hip and spinal flexibility and improved balance and lumbopelvic control (Herrington, 2005).  Stretching and yoga poses are added into our classes to help facilitate this and improve our overall body function and health. 

Build your base & Rehabilitate your injuries to achieve your goals!

Pilates is a fantastic way to rehabilitate your injuries (Byrnes, 2017) and with our small group clinical pilates you will be under very careful guidance to help you properly navigate your rehabilitation and get you back doing what means the most to you. Have a specific goal in mind? Let us know and we can help you get there!

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What do i bring/wear?

Loose fitting clothing is the ideal attire to wear during your pilates class. It is also a good idea to bring yourself a bottle of water. Mats are provided but if you would prefer to use your own you are more than welcome to do so.

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I currently have an injury, can i still do the classes?

Depending on your injury it may still be possible to participate in our classes. Our classes are run by our osteopath Todd Stewart, therefore your injuries will always be monitored and exercises adapted to help facilitate your rehabilitation.

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How many sessions should i do?

Pilates can be used as a great stepping stone or a fantastic maintenance/management style of exercise. Therefore it depends on your eventual goals as to how often we may see you.

Choose Your PLAN

We have multiple options for you to choose to best fit your rehabilitation plan or to meet your goals.

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