Enhancing Performance and Recovery: Calisthenics Expertise in Osteopathy and The Power of Dance Background in Myotherapy and Massage Therapy

Your practitioner’s experience in your chosen field makes a difference. Knowing that they understand the unique demands and requirements of your activity means they can develop treatment plans and goals to help you achieve your desired outcomes. That’s why Myotherapist and Massage Therapist Jade Olsen’s dance background and Osteopath Mia Chepanidis’ Calisthenics background are so important to our patients.

Dance and Calisthenics put a lot of stress on the body. The repetitive motions and intense physical demands can lead to overuse injuries, chronic pain, and restricted mobility. Myotherapy and massage therapy can be incredibly beneficial for dancers, as they help relieve tension and pain, increase circulation, and promote overall relaxation.

As a Myotherapist and Massage Therapist, Jade uses a variety of techniques to address pain and dysfunction that may arise in muscle and connective tissue, such as trigger point therapy, dry needling, and deep tissue massage. Myotherapy can help dancers recover from injuries and improve their overall performance.

Osteopath Mia Chepanidis has a background in Calisthenics, which means she understands the importance of building strength and flexibility in a way that supports overall health and well-being. She can assist athletes and non-athletes alike in improving their mobility, reducing pain and tension, and achieving optimal physical performance.

At our clinic, we take pride in our team of Myotherapists and Massage Therapists with extensive backgrounds in dance, as well as Osteopaths with a Calisthenics background. These specialties bring unique perspectives to our practice and enable us to offer a holistic approach to treatment. Whether you’re a dancer, athlete, or simply someone seeking ways to improve your physical health, we can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the benefits of our unique expertise.

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