Myotherapy at The Osteo Collective

Feel better with myotherapy.

Resolve your muscle tension and joint restriction with a treatment from our Myotherapists.

Myotherapy at The Osteo Collective

Myotherapy helps you to resolve your pain to feel better, move well, and stay active.

Patients often seek myotherapy treatment for general pain and movement restriction, post exercise recovery, back and neck pain, achilles and lower limb issues, overuse injuries and some sporting injuries. (The list goes on!)

Whatever the cause, our myotherapists can assist you in relieving and managing discomfort.

Our myotherapists also provide cupping and dry needling when required/requested. This is all part of our appointments (there is no extra cost for these).

Myotherapy at The Osteo Collective

Your first myotherapy session will take 45-60 minutes, and will involve history taking and examination, followed by a complete treatment. Subsequent appointments are 45 minutes. If you feel like you require more time, a longer appointment can also be booked.


What does Myotherapy Treat?

Reduce your pain and improve your movement.

Sports Injuries

AC joint sprains, ACL sprains, rolled ankles, muscle strains, ligament sprains. Myotherapists can assist with the discomfort that arises from these injuries.

Desk-Related Pain

Neck and back pain, wrist and hip pain. All caused by long hours at the desk. We can treat, and also give ergonomic advice to assist in resolving, and preventing further pain. 

Repetitive muscle strains

Our lives are full of avtivities we have to repeat every day. Sometimes that can put strain on our muscles, and we can’t rest because we need to do those activities! Massage can relieve and manage these complaints.

Neck pain

Neck pain can have multiple causes. Postural problems while working, falls, car accidents, disc or joint conditions can all lead to neck pain. 

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is an incredibly mobile joint. Add to this a high amount of use in day to day life, hobbies and sports, it’s a common injury. 


Sciatica can be triggered by a range of injuries or dysfunctions, and the pain in the back and down the back of the leg can be very severe. 


Headaches can severely impact your day. Often caused by musculoskeletal issues, your myotherapist can help in identifying the cause, and then addressing the issue.

Back pain

Back pain affects roughly 1 in 6 Australians. That’s roughly 3.7 million people! Back pain can occur anywhere on the spine, but lower back pain is the most common.

And More!

Myotherapists treat a range of conditions, injuries and complaints. If you want to find out more, visit our What We Treat page, or get in contact with us with your questions.

Meet The Myotherapists

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What to expect

During your appointment, our Myotherapists may use a combination of massage, stretching, articulation techniques, trigger points, dry needling and cupping.

Your practitioner will discuss these treatment options during your appointment, depending on your areas of concern or reason for your appointment.

A treatment can focus on one area, or multiple, depending on your concerns. Longer appointments may be needed if you have a number of areas you would like worked on.

Can I use my private health insurance?

Many private health insurance policies include myotherapy. To check, please contact your insurer. HICAPS is available for on the spot claiming.


Myotherapy in Malvern East


Initial Appointment (45-60min): $110

Subsequent Appointment (45min): $90

Extended Subsequent Appointment (45min): $110

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