Telehealth at The Osteo Collective

At home care.

Can’t get to an appointment, or don’t have a practitioner nearby? An online consult with our osteopaths or exercise physiologists can help. 

Teleheath at The Osteo Collective

Online consults are a way to get advice on management, self treatment and exercises to assist in looking after your complaints. 

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have become proficient in the operating of online consults.

Don’t let distance, lack of transport or lack of time get in the way of getting the advice or assistance you need.

Online Consults at The Osteo Collective

Our online consults are priced to allow access to all, and provide a way to access the expertise of our osteopaths and exercise physiologists no matter where you are in Australia or around the world.

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Meet The Collective

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What to expect

If it’s your first appointment at The Osteo Collective, you will receive and online form to fill in, that will provide a significant part of your history taking. This will allow us to have an excellent understanding of you, your injury/concern or goals.

How it works

At the time of you appointment, you will just need to join the appointment by following the link in you confirmation email. No special software is required. You can join from any internet connected device. Connection to stable Wi-Fi, and a device with good microphone and camera is best to ensure we get the most out of the session. 


Telehealth Osteopathy & Telehealth Exercise Physiology


Private health insurance may not cover telehealth consults.

First Appointment (Exercise Physiology): $115
Standard Appointment (Exercise Physiology): $90

First Appointment (Osteopathy): $120
Standard Appointment (Osteopathy): $100

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