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We can provide guidance, advice, exercises, rehab plans, ergonomic advice, self treatment techniques and more in our online consultations.

You’re not alone. The Osteo Collective is here for you.

Our osteopaths have at least 8 years of experience in private practice.

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Initial Online Osteopathy

Access an Osteopath from your own home!
$ 70
  • Video consultation
  • Thorough case history
  • Treatment plan
  • Personalised exericise/rehab plan with video instructions
  • Ergonomic Assessments & Advice
  • Private Health, Workcover, TAC, CDM, DVA rebates/payments may not be available at this time or require pre-approval. Please click here for further information.

Repeat Online Osteopathy

For current in-clinic patients or after your Initial Online Osteopathy consult
$ 50
  • Video consultation
  • Case history review
  • Treatment plan
  • Personalised exericise/rehab plan with video instructions
  • Review/Reassess/Adjust previous advice and plans
  • Ergonomic Assessment, Setup & Advice
  • Private Health, Workcover, TAC, CDM, DVA rebates/payments may not be available at this time or require pre-approval. Please click here for further information.

How we can assist you

Are you suffering from neck pain and headaches, or is your lower back pain preventing you from enjoying your free time in Halls Gap? As Osteopaths, we are able to provide advice, exercises and rehab plans to patients in Halls Gap to help manage your lower back pain or your neck pain and headaches.

If you’re looking for an Osteopath in Halls Gap, we can assist you with our online osteopathy appointments.

During your Online Osteopathy Halls Gap appointment we will take a thorough case history, discuss your injury or concern, determine a treatment plan, provide self treatment/rehab/ergonomic advice and answer any questions you have. After your consult, we will send you video instructions for any exercises or stretches we have advised, so you’ll be able to refer back to them as required.

If you need advice from a Halls Gap Osteopath regarding your back pain, sporting injury, or any other musculoskeletal concern, we are here to help.

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Our Osteopaths

Scott Toniazzo profile pic

Dr Scott Toniazzo (Osteopath)

Scott has worked in numerous roles providing osteopathic care in an aged care setting, football and netball clubs and associations, and private practice.

Keeping active throughout our whole life is such an important message and ideal to promote and Scott is a big believer in this. Whether it’s walking, training for the next big run, playing social sport, or doing the gardening; it’s all important. With osteopathic care, Scott wants to help you resolve your musculoskeletal injuries and complaints, so that being active is always an option!

Scott is a nationally endorsed provider of Netball Australia’s KNEE program, which aims to reduce the incidence of ACL injuries by educating coaches and players to optimise technique and enhance efficiency of movement.

Todd Stewart Headshot

Dr Todd Stewart (Osteopath)

Todd is a keen sportsperson and fan of a wide variety of sports having played Football, Cricket and Soccer when younger and an avid fan of Cycling and Ice Hockey. Due to this Osteopathy/health care and it’s involvement in sports became a large reason that Todd became an Osteopath.

Since becoming an Osteopath Todd has been a head trainer on the East Brighton Football club and an Osteopath/Soigneur to the CharterMason cycling team racing in the NRS (National Road Series).

Todd is passionate about educating his patients about their health and well-being and seeing them progress under his care. He enjoys treating a wide variety of conditions from Sports related injuries to TMJ (jaw) dysfunctions, headaches, knees, shoulders and feet.


Musculoskeletal Pain

Jaw pain
Shoulder pain
Elbow pain
Wrist pain
Hip pain
Knee pain
Neck and back pain
Pain associated with arthritis
Pre and Post Pregnancy
And more

Rehab Programs

Ankle sprains
Shoulder pain
Tennis Elbow
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Disc injuries
Back sprains and spasm
And more

Ergonomic Assessment and Advice

Office setups
Home office setups
Working in a vehicle