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hip & pelvic pain

No one wants to miss time doing what they love. Unfortunately with the nature of sport, most people at some time will receive an injury. 

Developed a sporting injury? Our osteopaths will determine the cause, provide you with a diagnosis and give you a plan to get you back playing again as soon as possible. 

What is hip & pelvic pain?

The hip and pelvis is a complex connection point in the body. Pain can be a product of damage in any of the structures located in the hip and pelvis. These structures could be joint related with the hip joint, the sacroiliac joint or the pubic symphysis. Muscle related, there are many muscles providing strength and stability around the hip. We can also have multiple bone related conditions leading to pain and also have referred pain originating from the lower back. 

As a result of these different locations, peoples symptoms will vary.

Your osteopath will try to find the cause of your pain to adapt a treatment approach specific to you.

What causes hip & pelvic pain?

As we have mentioned there are a lot of structures in and around the hip and pelvis. The reasons why these structures develop injuries differs. We can see muscle related strains and tears develop from acute efforts or tendonitis from repetitive use. Trauma can cause fractures, dislocations or lower back disc problems causing referred pain into the hip. Joint related conditions can develop via acute injuries or chronic build up. Pregnancy is often a cause for females to develop hip and pelvic pain. 


Possible causes

What causes your pain?

These are some of the specific conditions that impact your hip & pelvic pain.

Muscle Strains

Lower back pain


Hip & pelvic pain at The Osteo Collective

How we help.


Your practitioner will start by asking you questions about your injury, how, when and why. This will be followed by a physical assessment testing the range of motion of your hip and pelvis, palpating the surrounding muscles and performing some special tests. We will discuss with you our diagnosis and develop a plan with you to help you and your pain. 


Treatment with our osteopaths is a hands-on approach. After determining where, why and how you have developed your pain we will use a combination of soft tissue techniques, stretching, mobilisation and other joint related techniques. We also consider what you do day to day and develop a home treatment plan for you to implement. 


No one wants regular, recurring nagging chronic pain. Our exercise physiologist is the person to help with prevention. Improving your strength, function and flexibility, along with lifestyle changes will help prevent any future re-injuries.

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