Hygiene Policy

Version 3 | Updated 23/3/20

The Osteo Collective has high expectations of the hygiene practices of all practitioners. This guide outlines the procedures that must take place while a practitioner is consulting for The Osteo Collective.

  1. Hand Hygiene

Hands must be washed/use hand sanitiser before and after each consultation.

  1. Towel Use

Towels are to be used for one patient only, before being placed in the laundry baskets for laundering.

  1. Equipment
    1. Face Hole
      1. A disposable face hole guard or towel will be placed across the face hole. At the end of the consultation, the guard should be discarded, or the towel placed in laundry basket.
      2. Face hole and surrounding area needs to be wiped with disposable cleaning wipe, or disinfectant spray and disposable paper towel after each patient.

Coronavirus update

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, The Osteo Collective believes it is imperative to outline the following extra guidelines:

  1. No hand shaking.
  2. All patients must also be advised to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser when entering and leaving the clinic.
  3. No cancellation fee for those patients cancelling inside 24 hours.
  4. No one placed in self-isolation may enter the clinic premises. Online consultations are available if required. Rehabilitation equipment can be delivered. Online ordering via our website is available for any products.
  5. Any practitioner who is unwell is not permitted to enter the clinic. All appointments will be rescheduled to a future date.
  6. New patients will be sent an electronic version of the Patient Information Form and Record of Consent prior to their appointment. This can be filled in and submitted online. If you do not receive it, we can send you to your phone directly when you arrive, to be filled in on your own device.
  7. We ask that all patients swipe their own private health insurance card. A signature will not be required. We will no long accept cash. Card payments, via tap only. Please discuss with us if you have any concerns.
  8. We have removed chairs from the waiting room and increased the distance between them. Please do not change their position.
  9. Magazines and promotional material have been removed from the waiting areas.
  10. We have also removed the water and coffee stations. Please bring your own water to your appointment if you like.


All practitioners at The Osteo Collective must complete the Australian Government Department of Health Infection Control Training – COVID 19.

Government regulations regarding social distancing

Healthcare settings (including Allied Health Clinics) remain exempt from the requirement to provide 4m2 per person in enclosed spaces. Despite this, our waiting rooms, consulting rooms and rehab spaces are large enough to accommodate the requirement.

Space in between waiting room chairs will be increased.

Where possible, we ask that all staff, practitioners and patients maintain social distancing of 1.5m between them ie in waiting room and reception desk etc.