osteopathy for new parents

After you’ve had a baby, finding time to look after yourself becomes harder. As parents of young children, we understand that now more than ever. We are here to help, with longer appointments available for when you are bringing your baby with you, just incase you need that extra time for a feed, nappy change or settling.

New parent appointments

IT can be hard...

Finding that time to make an appointment for yourself after you’ve had a baby is hard, and at The Osteo Collective we want to make it a little easier.

We understand that babies may need a feed, or just need to be settled.

That’s why we offer long appointments for parents (at no extra cost), to make things a little less stressful.


Which appointment should i book?

If it’s your first osteopathy appointment at The Osteo Collective, please select First Appointment. We allocate up to 60 minute for first appointments, so there will be plenty of extra time if needed. When booking any subsequent appointments when you will be bringing your baby along, please book the “New Parents” appointment. We allocate 45 minutes for these appointments (compared to the normal 30 minutes), with no extra cost

First Apppointment



We allocate 60 minutes for all first time patients

Comprehensive first appointment including medical history and initial examination and treatment

Private health insurance claimable

Subsequent Appointmnet
(New Parent appointments)



45 minutes (instead of the normal 30 minutes)

No extra cost

Private health insurance claimable

Available with all our osteopaths at both Malvern East and cheltenham