Presidents Cup Traffic

10th December 2019
Todd Stewart Headshot
Written By Todd Stewart

The Presidents Cup is underway. Please expect delays for patients of Cheltenham clinic this week!

As a lot of residents around our Cheltenham clinic will be aware Royal Melbourne Golf Course is hosting the Presidents Cup from the 9th-15th December 2019. The worlds best golfers are in town and as a result people are going to want to watch them play.

As a result of the expected crowds there are some changes to traffic that you may want to be aware of. The bayside council has this page devoted to the changes in place:

The big change to traffic conditions is the southbound closure of Reserve Road between Park Road and Weatherall Road from the 10th to 15th December. You can only travel northbound (from Beach road to Bay road) during this time. If you are travelling from Bay road towards us on Talinga road you will still be able to turn right! However, it may be wise to avoid reserve road altogether during the event.

We would suggest everyone to enter Talinga road via George Street which connects to Bay road or Tulip street. This may be best to avoid any traffic on reserve road.

The main event of the Presidents cup starts in the afternoon at 4pm on Wednesday 11th however the gates do open at 8am. The event then continues with the final round on Sunday at 10am. The full schedule can be found here:

We will not be expecting major delays throughout the whole course of the days, but mainly when spectators are expected to arrive. For patients arriving in the early morning we would expect delays and it may be best to avoid Reserve road. The event usually finishes late in the evening so similarly anybody arriving for a late appointment or leaving the clinic, again entering and exiting via George street may be in your best interest.

As always if you have any issues with arriving on time due to the traffic please let as know as soon as possible.

Enjoy the golf if you are going.