Online Exercise Physiology telehealth Appointments

For when you can’t get to the clinic, or you don’t have an EP nearby. The Osteo Collective is here for you with our exercise physiology telehealth service.

We can provide guidance, advice, exercises, rehab plans, ergonomic advice, self treatment techniques and more in our online consultations.

You’re not alone. We are here to help.

Our exercise physiologist has more than 10 years of experience in private practice.

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At the time of your appointment, click the link in your confirmation or reminder email. You don't need any special software. You can access your appointment on any device with a forward facing camera - laptop, tablet or smartphone. Internet connection required.

Initial Online EP

Access an Exercise Physiologist from your own home!
$ 90
  • Video consultation
  • Thorough case history
  • Treatment plan
  • Personalised exericise/rehab plan with video instructions
  • Private Health, Workcover, TAC, CDM, DVA rebates/payments may not be available at this time or require pre-approval. Please contact us prior to booking your appointment for more information.

Repeat Online EP

For current in-clinic patients or after your Initial Online EP consult
$ 60
  • Video consultation
  • Case history review
  • Treatment plan
  • Personalised exericise/rehab plan with video instructions
  • Review/Reassess/Adjust previous advice and plans
  • Private Health, Workcover, TAC, CDM, DVA rebates/payments may not be available at this time or require pre-approval. Please contact us prior to booking your appointment for more information.

Our Exercise Physiologist

Madeleine Linton (Exercise Physiologist)

Maddy's desire to play every sport while growing up, is what ultimately lead to her career as an Exercise Physiologist.  Her love of sport sparked her interest in health, fitness and injury rehabilitation and she now enjoys working with and educating people about exercise and how the right type of exercise can assist with improving their pain, function and quality of life. She has worked in various settings including private practice, workplace health, fitness clubs, and community health over the past 12 years which has allowed her to work with a diverse range of people and professions.

Maddy works with men and women of all ages, fitness levels and abilities and is passionate about assisting her patients to undertake the correct type of exercise for their individual concerns. Although she enjoys working with a wide range of conditions, she has a particular interest in postural imbalances and the use of corrective exercise to restore function and balance to the body.

Outside of work, Maddy loves being outdoors and enjoys keeping active through hiking and sailing. Maddy spends most weekends sailing on Port Phillip Bay and has competed at State, National and World Championship levels. Maddy also loves travelling, eating out and socialising with friends.

ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP)
Bachelor of Human Movement
Graduate Diploma in Exercise Rehabilitation
Equipment and Matwork Pilates Instructor

What Is Exercise Physiology telehealth?

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) are university-qualified allied health professionals who tailor individualised exercise interventions for the prevention and management of acute, sub-acute and chronic medical conditions and injuries. 

AEPs specialise in the prescription of exercise and lifestyle interventions and carry out a thorough assessment before designing, implementing and evaluating safe and effective exercise programs.  These personalised interventions are exercise-based and include health and physical activity education, advice and support.

Using online consultations, your exercise physiologist can assist you in providing advice, stretching, exercises and self treatment techniques to be done at home. This is perfect for people who are unable to attend the clinic in person.

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How does an online consult work?

Our telehealth consultations offer a high level of care and service, just like our in-clinic consults do.
During your consult we will discuss your symptoms, concerns, and goals, to develop a treatment plan which involves advice on posture, exercises and stretches, and self treatment instruction. 

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Why online consults?

Live in a remote location with no nearby exercise physiologists? Don't have the time or the transport to attend in person? Then an online appointment may be the perfect solution!

We believe that everyone should be able to access high quality EP advice and care, and that's why we offer this service.

Our clinics are located in Malvern East and Cheltenham in Victoria. Via telehealth, we are able to provide advice and care to all Australians. Rural Exercise Physiology, Remote Exercise Physiology.