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When you need an osteopath, we're here to help. The Osteo Collective provides bulk billed, no gap osteopath appointments to approved Work Cover patients.

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Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that takes a whole body approach to healthcare. Every patient is unique with different jobs, stresses, hobbies, bodily structure, which all need to be considered when treating your individual injury. Your osteopath will assess your whole body and not just the injured area to determine how your body works as a unit and the impact it has on your overall function. 

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i've never tried osteopathy before, what can i expect?

A great question! Often people do not know what to expect which can prevent them from receiving the treatment they may benefit from. To help give you a better understanding head over to our blog post (click the question mark) which answers this question in detail. Have more questions after this, give us a call!

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How long do the treatments last?

Our initial consultation lasts from between 45-60 minutes. During this time we take a detailed history of your injury, a past medical history, a full examination and treatment should you be happy to proceed. Our subsequent consultations all last up to 30 minutes in duration.

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We Bulk Bill Chronic Disease Management plans (CDM/EPC), DVA, WorkCover & TAC claims For Osteopathy Near You!

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Dr. Todd Stewart (Osteopath)

Todd is an experienced Osteopath with many years involved helping people getting moving again. He has a passion to educate his patients about their specific injuries and teach them how to be a part of their recovery. With a keen interest on lower back injuries, neck pain, headaches and jaw complaints, Todd takes a holistic approach to treatment and attempts to identify the cause of each persons injury. Whether this be a dysfunction elsewhere in the body or hobbies/activities the patient does as an activity of daily living. 

Outside of work Todd is a father to an adorable toddler Charlie who keeps him busy. He enjoys watching sport on the weekends, gardening and cooking new things. Sport has always been something Todd has loved to be involved with and this has seen him be involved with local football at the East Brighton football club as a head trainer, and a soigneur to the CharterMason cycling team who raced in the NRS.

Scott Toniazzo profile pic
Dr. Scott Toniazzo (Osteopath)

Scott started his career as an osteopath in 2012 after completing a Bachelor (Clinical Sciences) and a Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy). Since then he has also worked in numerous roles providing osteopathic care in an aged care setting, football and netball clubs and associations.

Keeping active throughout our whole life is such an important message and ideal to promote and Scott is a big believer in this. Whether it’s walking, training for the next big run, playing social sport, or doing the gardening, it’s all important. With osteopathic care, Scott wants to help you resolve your musculoskeletal injuries and complaints, so that being active is always an option!

Scott is a nationally endorsed provider of Netball Australia’s KNEE program, which aims to reduce the incidence of ACL injuries by education coaches and players to optimise technique and enhance efficiency of movement.

He is a strong advocate for community sport and is currently the Rep Team Co-ordinator at St Michael’s Netball Club.

But most of all he loves to get home at the end of the day to see his smiling son welcome him through the door!

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