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When you need an osteopath near Beaumaris, we’re here to help. The Osteo Collective has 2 great clinics, one in Malvern East and one very close to you in Cheltenham.

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What We Do.



Osteopathy is a manual form of healthcare that aims to restore function throughout the body. At The Osteo Collective we take a whole body approach to assessment, diagnosis and treatment to get the best results.


Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiologists create personalized, exercise-based and lifestyle interventions to improve your health and performance. EPs use exercise to assist conditions such as: musculoskeletal injuries, cardiovascular disease, chronic pain, disabilities, neurological conditions.

Collaborative healthcare

Our goal is your goal.

Pain management and prevention

Our main goal at The Osteo Collective is not only to see you become pain-free but to ensure you have the appropriate tools, exercises and advice to help prevent future injuries. 

Your pain is unique

No matter what is causing your pain, we understand that it’s unique. Therefore we design tailored treatment plans to ensure your journey out of pain is as bespoke to you as possible so you can get back to living your best life. 

rehabilitation facilities

We have at our disposal excellent gym facilities to assist in your rehabilitation, at whatever level is required. This may be from teaching you how to simply engage a muscle that may be inactive and weak or developing a stretching management program. General strength and fitness is another area we can help achieve elite performance in your desired goal, hobby or sport.






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What does an osteopath treat? Can you help with chronic low back pain? Do you treat sports injuries? People ask us all kinds of questions before visiting The Osteo Collective. Do you have a question for us? Get in touch. 

What does Osteopathy Treat?

Osteopaths can treat a range of conditions using hands on techniques, exercise prescription, and ergonomic advice.

Neck pain

Neck pain can have multiple causes. Postural problems while working, falls, car accidents, disc or joint conditions can all lead to neck pain. 

Back pain

Back pain affects roughly 1 in 6 Australians. That’s roughly 3.7 million people! Back pain can occur anywhere on the spine, but lower back pain is the most common.

Sports Injuries

AC joint sprains, ACL sprains, rolled ankles, muscle strains, ligament sprains. Osteopaths can assess, examine, diagnose and treat a range of sporting injuries. Referrals for imaging can also be made if required.

Desk-Related pain

Neck and back pain, wrist and hip pain. All caused by long hours at the desk. We can treat, and also give ergonomic advice to assist in resolving, and preventing further pain. 

Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and migraines can severely impact your day. Often caused by musculoskeletal issues, your osteopath can help in identifying the cause, and then addressing the issue.

Repetitive Muscle Strains

Doing repetitive activities is something we all do. The work we do, sports we play, crafts we make, even the way we care for our children. These can all contribute to and cause repetitive strain injuries.

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is an incredibly mobile joint. Add to this a high amount of use in day to day life, hobbies and sports, it’s a common injury. 


Sciatica can be triggered by a range of injuries or dysfunctions, and the pain in the back and down the back of the leg can be very severe. 

And More!

Osteopaths treat a range of conditions, injuries and complaints. If you want to find out more, visit our What We Treat page, or get in contact with us with your questions.

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We welcome you to ask any questions you have before having treatment at our clinics. 

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Some of our practitioners bulk bill Chronic Disease Management plans (CDM/EPC), DVA, WorkCover & TAC claims for osteopathy in Malvern East and Cheltenham. Visit our FAQ page for more info.

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